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  • Elementary Courses

    Elementary Courses

    Biola Youth Academics offers a selection of convenient, affordable eight-week classes for grades 1–6. Featuring hands-on learning, your student will want to keep coming back for more as course content changes each semester.

Elementary Courses

No-cancellation guarantee for Star Academics online courses.

There are no courses available at this time for the selected semester. Please call the BYA office at (562) 777-4087 so we can assist you to enroll in classes at another campus or online.

Sample Class Schedules

For an idea of how to fit Biola Youth Academics into your high school schedule
Class Schedule
Class Schedule w/ TA Courses


Tuition is per semester. (see Tuition/Fees)

Course Level Guidelines

The course levels listed in parentheses (excluding Torrey Academy Classes) are guidelines. We realize that homeschoolers often cross grade-level "boundaries" for many subjects; therefore students are welcome to enroll in any class that suits their level of achievement. Please remember that our core courses are college preparation level.

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