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  • What is Torrey Academy?

    What is Torrey Academy?

    Torrey Academy offers classically informed liberal arts courses that draw on the great minds of the Christian tradition to inspire and aid students to know truth, develop Godly sentiments and habits, and appreciate beauty. Students read classic texts and discuss them with peers and a tutor, wrestling with the ideas that have shaped and challenged the Christian worldview for over two thousand years.



Torrey Academy helps students flourish as individuals created in the image of God with multiple areas of potential in mind, body, and spirit. Such a whole-person outlook means that we seek to stretch students not only in mind, forming justified true beliefs and acquiring skills, but also in character, aiding and inspiring them to develop Godly sentiments and habits, to behave ethically, and to appreciate beauty. We do not teach to standardized tests; we teach to the glory of God by touching and transforming individual lives.

Classically Informed

The curriculum is interdisciplinary and based on primary texts rather than textbooks. Because Torrey Academy seeks to equip students to articulate and defend the Christian worldview, we believe it is necessary for students to wrestle with the texts and ideas that have shaped and challenged that worldview over the last two thousand years. The curriculum spans literature, history, theology, philosophy, Bible, government, and art to reflect the unity of creation and knowledge.

Torrey Academy course methods and assignments emphasize the essential skills of reading, thinking, writing, and speaking. We develop reasoning and rhetorical skills in small group discussions led by degreed scholars, called tutors.


Although the classes are challenging, they are designed to be accessible to all Christian students of all academic abilities starting in ninth grade. No "honors student" status is required to enroll; the only prerequisites are the ability to read and write at a basic high school level, and, most importantly, the willingness to work diligently.


Six different Torrey Academy courses can be taken remotely through web-based audio-conferencing or on-location throughout Southern California. Courses have grade-level requirements, but families can choose to start the sequence earlier or later depending on the student's readiness.


  • Students learn to think critically
  • Students learn to write argumentative essays
  • Students begin to develop Godly sentiments and habits
  • Students receive 30-35 credits for each core class (The Inklings, Foundations of American Thought, and Faith of our Fathers)
  • Families receive documentation of course work completed and a final grade