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Art Discovery: Grades 4-6 (grade 4 – 6)

Come learn about the art elements and principles through fun hands-on art projects. Students work with a variety of materials and explore art techniques such as painting, drawing, and collage. Throughout the year students also learn about artists, art styles, and how art reflects cultural beliefs and practices.
NOTE: This course has an additional materials fee of $10.
Eight-week term.

CCN Room Day Time Tuition
00017 R 10:50AM-11:50AM $95.00

Spanish Discovery Fall B: G 4-8 (grade 4 – 8)

!Hola! Spanish is fun and easy in this non-intimidating environment. Student learn the basics of the Spanish language including vocabulary in family, city life, questions, holidays and more. Fun activities in the classroom and at home reinforce the concepts learned each week. This is a perfect opportunity for your student to explore and discover the Spanish language before starting BYA Star Academics’ Spanish 1 course.
Eight-week term.

CCN Room Day Time Tuition
00018 R 12:35PM-1:35PM $95.00

Fundamentals of Mathematics (grade 6 – 7)

This course allows students to have one more year interacting with the building blocks of mathematics. The sequential approach of this course enables students to master foundational skills and successfully progress to higher mathematics courses. Topics include measurement, ratios, percentages, fractions, and the four basic operations of math .

CCN Room Day Time Tuition
00007 R 9:25AM-10:25AM $220.00

American History with Art (grade 7 – 8)

From Native American society through modern America, students use art projects in class to enrich their study of America’s past. Gaining an appreciation of the providence of God in the development of a country based on Biblical principles, the class discusses great works of American art as well as politics, geography, and events that have shaped America’s history. This course complements the Intermediate Composition course.
NOTE: This course has an additional materials fee of $12 per semester.

CCN Room Day Time Tuition
00021 R 1:40PM-2:40PM $220.00

English 7–Composition (grade 7 – 8)

Junior high students with no prior Institute for Excellence in Writing experience and those who have been introduced to the techniques will work toward mastering valuable writing skills. Writing instruction includes note taking and paragraph writing, narrative summaries, essays, research writing, creative writing, and writing stories from pictures. An in-depth study of English grammar examining parts of speech, parts of a sentence, sentence diagramming, sentence patterns, and agreement is also included.
NOTE: This course has an additional materials fee of $12 per semester.

CCN Room Day Time Tuition
00016 R 12:35PM-1:35PM $245.00

Life Science (grade 7 – 8)

When you embark on a study of science, where do you find the organization for your observations? Why, the scientific method of course! Along with their newfound scientific grounding, students benefit from fascinating hands-on study of the science of soil, plants, the human body, health, creation, classification, zoology, forestry, and ecology.
NOTE: This course has an additional materials fee of $10 per semester.

CCN Room Day Time Tuition
00012 R 10:50AM-12:10PM $250.00

English 8–Intermediate Composition (grade 8)

Building upon their prior knowledge of the Institute for Excellence in Writing, students continue to use elements of this program as they read novels and respond to the ideas within them. Discussion of time period, author, and theme add understanding to the readings, and vocabulary study and grammar review build students’ confidence in their writing skills. This course is intended for those with at least one year of Institute for Excellence in Writing experience and coordinates with the American History with Art course.
Prerequisite: English 7

CCN Room Day Time Tuition
00008 R 9:25AM-10:25AM $245.00

Pre-Algebra (grade 8)

In this course students learn the fundamentals of pre-algebra. Strategic exercises enable them to navigate through their course work and on to higher mathematics courses. Topics include integers, rational numbers, variables, solving equations, and much more.
Prerequisite: Students should be proficient in their math facts and basic arithmetic skills.

CCN Room Day Time Tuition
00002 R 8:20AM-9:20AM $220.00

Culinary Arts (grade 8 – 12)

Great cooking requires the right technique. Whether students want to pursue a career in the food industry or cook a gourmet meal for their family and friends, they need to learn the fundamentals of cooking. Students in this course gain valuable skills by hands-on instruction on various topics including food and kitchen safety, knife skills, understanding recipes, food science, and more. All students in this course should expect to eat and have fun.
NOTE: This course has an additional materials fee of $20 per semester.

CCN Room Day Time Tuition
00023 T 1:40PM-2:40PM $220.00

Digital Photography (grade 8 – 12)

This fun and interactive course provides basic photography skills through class assignments, photo field shoots, and field trips. Students in this course learn how to incorporate color, pattern, texture, lighting, and composition into their photographs in order to enhance the final image and produce a better photograph. Students learn about nature, landscape, portraiture and documentary photography as well as influential photographers in various styles.
NOTE: This course has an additional $20 materials fee per semester.

CCN Room Day Time Tuition
00017 R 12:35PM-1:35PM $220.00

Public Speaking-Effective Communication Strategies (grade 8 – 12)

This course is a practicum in effective communication designed by one of Biola's debate coaches and communication professors. Topics include research skills, the structure of a speech, rhetorical devices and their use, and an introduction to basic communication theory. Students will prepare and deliver several speeches of varying lengths and topics.

CCN Room Day Time Tuition
00024 R 1:40PM-2:40PM $220.00

Algebra 1 (grade 9)

This course includes a logical, concise discussion of algebraic vocabulary, real number systems, inequalities, and solving of equations, including linear systems. The students receive extensive experience solving story problems which brings practical application of algebra to the real world
Prerequisite: Pre-Algebra or equivalent.

CCN Room Day Time Tuition
00003 R / T 8:20AM-9:20AM $310.00

General Literature and Composition (grade 9)

An exciting overview of literature and its elements is explored in this course through a variety of stories, while the study of authors and time periods give perspective to these readings. The course includes weekly writing assignments. Class discussion and group projects enhance the classroom experience.

CCN Room Day Time Tuition
00009 R / T 9:25AM-10:25AM $345.00

Physical Science (grade 9)

In this lab science course students explore the foundations of chemistry and physics including matter and energy, chemistry, motion, sound, light, electricity, and magnetism. Physical science is valuable preparation for upper-level chemistry and physics. This course also includes a discussion of science versus evolution.
NOTE: This course has an additional materials fee of $15 per semester.

CCN Room Day Time Tuition
00013 R / T 10:50AM-12:10PM $380.00

Spanish 1 (grade 9)

Students learn to speak, understand, read, and write basic Spanish, with an emphasis on everyday dialogue. This course provides a strong foundation for success in Spanish 2. Internet access is required.

CCN Room Day Time Tuition
00022 R / T 1:40PM-2:40PM $310.00

Logic (grade 9 – 12)

This course introduces students to Torrey Academy by exploring the importance of clear thinking for Christian spiritual development. Students learn why great Christian leaders have traditionally seen the life of the mind as a key component of spiritual growth. Students examine the basics of Socratic Logic, including terms, syllogisms, and evaluation of soundness and validity. The class also explores how argumentation plays out in everyday life, including a lengthy study of informal fallacies. Students end the year by exploring good methods for reading and engaging essays and literature using logical principles. Readings include With Good Reason by S. Morris Engel, How to Read a Book by Mortimer Adler and Charles Van Doren, and works by Plato, C.S. Lewis, Washington Irving, William Shakespeare, J.P. Moreland, and others. Logic is open to all 9-12 grade students. Logic is worth 10 high school credits of Logic/Critical Thinking.
NOTE: This course has an additional materials fee of $40 per year. Print Full Course Description

CCN Room Day Time Tuition
00018 R / T 12:35PM-1:35PM $310.00

The Inklings (grade 9 – 12)

Designed to spark a passion for critical thinking and for the beauty and wonder of the Triune God, the content of this first-year Torrey Academy class focuses on issues of faith, learning, and culture. The Inklings texts are provocative, challenging, and packed-full with theology, poetry, and apologetics. Inklings is open to all 9-12 grade students. Inklings is worth 30 high school credits: 10 of English Composition/Modern British Literature, 10 of Bible/Theology, and 10 of Philosophy/Critical Thinking.
NOTE: This course has an additional materials fee of $32 per year. Print Full Course Description

CCN Room Day Time Tuition
00005 R / T 8:00AM-9:20AM $575.00

Torrey Academy Writing Lab (grade 9 – 12)

The Torrey Academy Writing Lab is designed to guide students through the writing assignments required for the various Torrey Academy classes. Requiring separate registration, the Writing Lab complements Inklings and Foundations of American Thought class work by helping students to develop the skills needed to be successful in academic writing. Mandatory for 1st year students, encouraged for 2nd year students.

CCN Room Day Time Tuition
00001 - - $120.00

Biology (grade 10)

This course is a survey of general biology. Topics include botany, the purpose and design of human anatomy and physiology, the methodology and philosophy of the life sciences, genetics, the variety and design of vertebrates and invertebrates, and cellular and molecular biology. Laboratory work, discussion, hands-on experiments, and dissections are included.
NOTE: This course has an additional materials fee of $30 per semester.

CCN Room Day Time Tuition
00019 R / T 12:15PM-1:35PM $380.00

American History (grade 10 – 11)

Addressing both the workings of God and the shortcomings of humanity in the formation and progression of America, students discuss geography, politics, economics, and current events to formulate reasoned Christian viewpoints on issues of contemporary society. This course is complementary to the American Literature course. It is strongly recommended that they be taken concurrently.

CCN Room Day Time Tuition
00004 R / T 8:20AM-9:20AM $310.00

American Literature (grade 10 – 11)

Through a chronological reading of stories along with discussion of authors, worldviews, and time periods, students discover the values and ideas of classic authors of the United States. Class discussion, compositions, quizzes, and group projects encourage students to take a deeper look at the ideology of American people and culture. This course is complementary to the American History course. It is strongly recommended that they be taken concurrently.

CCN Room Day Time Tuition
00010 R / T 9:25AM-10:25AM $345.00

Geometry (grade 10 – 11)

This course provides a strong mathematical foundation in geometry. Concepts covered in the course include the nature of reasoning, lines and angles, triangle congruence, inequalities, parallel lines, quadrilaterals, transformations, area, similarity, the right triangle, circles, concurrence theorems, regular polygons, and geometric solids. In addition, students master two-column and paragraph proofs and complete various constructions.
Prerequisite: Algebra 1.

CCN Room Day Time Tuition
00014 R / T 10:50AM-11:50AM $310.00

Foundations of American Thought (grade 10 – 12)

A natural progression from the Inklings, the Foundations of American Thought class takes students to the next level of academic, intellectual, and spiritual development. Following the same format as the first-year class, this second-year class changes only the content, not the amount of reading and writing. These readings and discussions focus on issues in American Literature, History, and Government from the pre-colonial period through the antebellum period in order to impart to students an understanding and vision of their own country and society. This course is aimed at helping students become responsible, knowledgeable citizens both in our democratic republic and in the City of God. Politics and literature are examined through a Christian perspective. Foundations is open to all 10-12 grade students, though we highly recommend taking it after Inklings. Foundations is worth 35 high school credits: 10 of American Literature, 10 of American History, 5 of Government, and 10 of Bible/Theology.
NOTE: This course has an additional materials fee of $32 per year. Print Full Course Description

CCN Room Day Time Tuition
00011 R / T 9:25AM-10:45AM $575.00

Chemistry (grade 11)

In this course students explore the mystery of the atom and gain an understanding that chemical science brings with it the burden of responsibility to use it to benefit mankind. Students gain a foundational understanding of atomic structure, bonding, kinetic theory, solution, and equilibrium. This course stresses applications of chemistry through discussion and lab experiments, identifies marvels of design in creation, and promotes the development of organized problem solving skills.
Prerequisite: Algebra 1
NOTE: This course has an additional materials fee of $15 per semester.

CCN Room Day Time Tuition
00020 R / T 12:15PM-1:35PM $380.00

British Literature (grade 12)

This course covers British Literature chronologically. Critical thinking skills are developed as students read, analyze, and write about the ideas of British authors. Creative and fiction writing, vocabulary and literature quizzes, class discussion, and group projects allow students to imitate excellent writing styles to develop their own skills. A college quality term paper and persuasive and expository essays are written, preparing the students for university study.

CCN Room Day Time Tuition
00006 R / T 8:20AM-9:20AM $345.00

Government (grade 12)

This one-semester course is a comprehensive survey of American Government. Students gain a firm foundation of knowledge concerning the history of American governmental structure and function. The ideas regarding a citizen’s responsibility to the government are included. Students study the constitution, party politics, and all three branches of the government.

CCN Room Day Time Tuition
00015 R / T 10:50AM-11:50AM $310.00
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