A Dress for the Wicked by Autumn Krause

hands on a typewriterMeet Autumn Krause, the author of A Dress for the Wicked. She is a 2011 Torrey Honors Institute alumna from Biola University and a former homeschool student. While in Torrey Honors  she met her husband in The Nature of Math taught by the Professor Matthew Weathers. They have now been together for 10 years with a toddler named Juliet. Autumn started the dream of her book while in Torrey Honors using the first 10 pages as her final project. She then worked in the fashion industry before going on to complete an MFA from Vermont College in Fine Arts. Signing with Harper Teen, a top publisher for Young Adult fiction, Autumn’s dream for A Dress for the Wicked was realized. The novel releases August 6, 2019 but you can preorder it today from Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

portrait of Autumn Krause

A Dress for the Wicked is a daring story about Emmaline Watkins, a young “country girl” who enters into “the most prestigious fashion [competition] in the country”. Emmaline is determined to not let her life go by without anything happening as she sits behind her mother’s pub counter. This competition is a dream come true but is filled with unexpected romance and competitors set to sabotage at every turn making her question if she really has what it takes. Follow along with Emmaline and her goal to mark the world forever.

book of dress for the wickedFormer BYA editor, Chase Andre, interviewed Krause about her experience in writing the book:

What did you enjoy most about writing a book?

Why write? Autumn enjoys world building — not only creating characters but crafting the whole world around them. A Dress for the Wicked is not only her story of a girl, but her Narnia-world come-to-life.

What challenges did you face?

Autumn took the risk to write the book before landing an agent or a deal. “I love to write,” Krause says, and because of that she created the world inside of A Dress for the Wicked, without any guarantee anyone would ever read it.

Krause offers valuable advice for other budding young writers.

  • First: Write a lot. You improve by doing. And if you’re going to be a writer, keep writing
  • Next: Get in a critique group. If you have a story to share with the world, start by sharing it with a few close friends. Be open to critical feedback, and be willing to learn from your critiques.
  • Finally: Be ready for a battle, but you can do it. “It’s worth it.”

How did homeschooling prepare you to be a writer?

Krause with her book

Krause’s mom incorporated her love for writing in her homeschool curriculum and education — she allowed Krause to write as much as she could, whenever she could. The author recognizes that this “raw practice” was key for her to connect to her voice and develop it, even before University, critique groups, and publishing deals. When you recognize a keen interest in your student, use your homeschooling curriculum to foster that passion — you might be helping them into what God designed them to do.

What’s next?

Krause is currently in revisions of her second novel, and plotting her third. Someday, she looks forward to returning to the world of A Dress for the Wicked, but first, she’ll share it with the world in August 2019.

Look for Krause’s book A Dress for the Wicked, releasing August 6, 2019 in stores and online.

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