What is Biola Youth Academics?

A valuable resource to the homeschooling community since 1996, Biola Youth Academics is a supplementary education program for K–12 home educated students through Biola University, a Christian university with over 100 years of faithful service and doctrinal integrity.

The Benefits

  • Offerings that fit a variety of schedules, providing a tailor-made academic experience where parents are in the driver’s seat.
  • Courses available on-location throughout Southern California and online.
  • Challenging, engaging classroom opportunities in a Christian environment with a healthy and supportive environment for interaction with peers, adults, and other families.
  • Invested faculty with a passion for their students.
  • Strengthened writing skills and styles.
  • On-campus lab sciences in a classroom setting.
  • The equipping of students for improved college entrance exam scores.
  • Academic guidance for parents.
  • Syllabi, quarterly summaries, and grade reports for academic accountability.
  • Academically rigorous courses presented from a Biblical worldview.
  • More than fifteen years serving the homeschool community.
  • Alumni that go on to excel as university students