As the Sculptor Works: Glacial Molding and the Spiritual Lives of Home Educators

Woman standing, facing large glacier - as the sculptor works blog photo

After a busy year homeschooling your children, it is always great to take a break! Robin Slagle, Academic Director, highlighted the importance of rest in one of her recent homeschooling blogs for The Inspired Home Educator. . . I hope you will read it!

The way my husband and I took a break this summer was by spending 10 days in Alaska with our friends, Pete and Dyanna, celebrating their 40th anniversary. Dyanna is a former homeschool mom and currently an educator working with homeschool families.

In the Valley of the Glacier

One of our favorite Alaskan outings was to the Lynne Canal and Davidson Glacier, near Glacier Bay. We started the morning with a short boat trip around the peninsula with 24 other passengers out of Haines, Alaska. Then, we hiked through a rainforest. Next, we canoed to the edge of the braided stream near the glacier. After that, we hiked and waded across several points of the braided stream to get up as close to the glacier as possible. The view was magnificent. The Davidson Glacier is a receding glacier that is carving out another gorgeous valley in Alaska.

Each day, as the guides bring in visitors, conditions change. For example, the braided rivers change in breadth and depth and flow patterns every day. On the day we visited, we hiked, canoed, waded across three rivulets in wading boots, and then walked across stunningly beautiful assortment of rocks in front of the glacier. We enjoyed our time at Davidson Glacier, observing nature and the changing landscape. What impressed me most was the enormous glacier, its slow movement, melting and receding patterns, and the way it sculpts its environment.

As the Sculptor Works

I realized that, like the glacier, God carves, sculpts, and shapes beauty in our spiritual lives as we release ourselves to His movement. This tutelage is sometimes imperceptible like the slow sculpting of the valley beneath the glacier. As the Sculptor does His handiwork in you, beautiful braided streams, meadows, waterfalls, and valleys emerge that reflect the beauty of His image in you. However, other times, His work in us (or in our children) happens in an instantaneous, painful moment. Check out this video of a recently calving glacier in Patagonia, Argentina.

Watch the entire video because you will be shocked at the changes in the glacier in just a few minutes! We have to be ready for God to sculpt slowly or in a radical transformative Acts 9 “Road to Damascus” moment! We must give ourselves to His shaping forces and allow His Spirit to create in us what He wishes.

Prayerfully reflect:

Lord, am I giving myself to you, the internal Change Agent? Where might I be resisting your shaping, God? Help me, Lord, to allow you to mold and remake me on your timeline — whether its glacial in your steady timing, or a swift calving in my soul. You are the Potter, and I am your clay. Amen.


As we continue our summer saunter — and as the Sculptor works — I pray that you will be enriched by slowing down and leaning into the Spirit more and more, relishing additional time with family and friends.