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Education and Patience

Van Gogh's painting The Mulberry TreeBelow is an open letter written to current Torrey Academy families. It addresses, for one particular audience, some aspects of a much broader issue: if education should be more than memorization and regurgitation, then what’s it for and what do we do when it gets difficult? 


Dear Torrey Academy community,

As the first quarter of our school year was coming to a close over the past few weeks, I was able to check in with many of you at our campuses and over the phone to hear how the year has been so far. I write now partially to address some of the concerns I’ve heard from you and partially to write out some thoughts on what we’re doing here at Torrey Academy that seem fitting as we get closer to Advent.

Torrey Academy is about the business of going after the Good, the True, and the Beautiful — and of giving students the tools to become mature disciples, thinkers, and lovers along the way. Because we are an academic program, it is truth-seeking that comes to the fore in the way we spend our time. We do this, as Dr. Sanders mentioned at our Orientation this year, by being “Socratic (we ask questions), active (we make the students do most of the talking), and formative (rather than just informative).”

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