Don’t Do It Alone


The Vandewalles have been homeschooling their six children since 1999 and are about to graduate their third student. Until last year, most of their homeschooling was done at home without the benefit of outside classes;  like so many families, they were busy with activities and the daily demands of life. Academically, they tended to focus more on their high school students in order to prepare them for college.

Robyn Vandewalle shares, “A couple of years ago, we realized that our younger students, now entering middle school, had skated by with less academic attention than would be ideal. Many of our friends had highly recommended Biola Youth Academics (BYA) and we decided to attend an information session. Before it was even over I was really excited about what this would mean for our family.”  Robyn enrolled her two high school students for a trial year and decided the program was a perfect fit for the entire family. The following year she enrolled her elementary student, junior higher, and two high school students in BYA.

After enrolling her youngest son in Elementary Academics Robyn voiced some concern to our Campus Coordinator, Robin Longinow, about whether her son was prepared for the academic challenges of the program; “I felt heard by her, and she assured me that we would work together to challenge him without frustrating him.”

Robyn says, “I am happy to report that he has had a fabulous school year with BYA! The students were given reading assignments that I would not have given at home, figuring that they would be too difficult, but the instructors know how to unpack these assignments with the students and help them pull nuggets of truth out of them. Our son has come a long way this year in grammar knowledge, writing proficiency, class participation and working independently. These were exactly the things I had hoped we would see in his education through this program. I couldn’t be more pleased with our decision to take our homeschooling in this direction. Our other students enjoy their classes very much, have made some new friends and are growing academically as well.”

“We are so grateful for this program and will continue enrolling our students as long as the Lord allows it.”

Biola Youth Academics is committed to the growth and transformation of students at every stage in their academic journey.  Each student is a testament to the commitment of our staff, tutors, and instructors who are dedicated to cultivating hearts and minds. 2 Corinthians 3:18 speaks of how the indwelling Spirit of God transforms us from one level of glory to another. By providing a biblically-centered education, it is our goal to encourage this continuous spiritual transformation along with the pursuit of academic excellence.

Unfortunately, tuition alone does not fully cover the expenses of this exceptional academic program. As we move forward continuing our mission of seeing students transformed, will you consider financially partnering with us? One time gifts and the commitment of regular, monthly donors will help BYA continue the academic and spiritual transformation of students who will venture out and impact the world for Jesus Christ. Consider donating today.