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Online Learning Management Systems

Learnign Management System

What are Learning Management Systems?

A Learning Management System (LMS) is a web-based learning portal, where students and instructors can exchange resources, assignments, announcements, information and course contents.  For online education, the functionality and design of the LMS is critical and can dramatically influence the learning outcomes1 as well as user satisfaction2, because the LMS not only serves as a portal for classroom resources (as it often does for on-campus classes), it should also serve as an active environment where learning activities and interactions occur. Read more

The Future of Online Education

Student on laptop at home - the future of online education?What’s the Future of Online Education?

There is no doubt that technology has catalyzed the evolution of modern-day education. This brief introductory presentation will help us consider the direction of this evolution and begin to understand the benefit of accessibility through online education.

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