Grace-Filled Homeschooling – Finding Hope in the Mess

Editor’s Note: Today, we welcome Director of Torrey Academy, Catherine Hood. Her first contribution to the Inspired Home Educator is this blog, “Grace-Filled Homeschooling.” She is an alumna of Torrey Honors Institute at Biola University, and comes to us with home education and classical education experience from The Cambridge School in San Diego, CA and Grace Classical Academy in Laguna Niguel, CA. Her keen insight into the lives of our students, the role of education, and the importance of faith is evident in conversation, and—as you’ll see—her writing. Know of someone who needs to find hope in the mess? Consider sharing this blog on grace-filled homeschooling with them.

Closeup sad child being hugged by his mother at home. Grace-filled Homeschooling.Parenting is hard work. Teaching is hard work. Sometimes you may wonder why you chose to combine both of those challenges into your daily life. During a recent Torrey Academy Parent Forum, one homeschool mom shared the best piece of advice she had received when she began homeschooling: “You just need to accept that as a homeschool parent, you will see the worst of your kids, and your kids will see the worst of you.”

Embracing the Mess

It’s strange to consider this as encouraging advice, but think about the implications of accepting this reality. You won’t be surprised when you see your children’s brokenness, and you can expect that they will see your brokenness. This is good news! The Lord calls you to be faithful to educate and nurture your children, but He does not call you to be perfect; you are not called to be their god.

When I was a homeschool teacher for a missionary family in Africa for two years, we saw the best and the worst of each other. Our home was not free from conflicts—on the contrary, we had to work through conflict resolution on a regular basis. As we had guests frequent our home, we couldn’t hide this messiness from others. A Peace Corps friend of ours who was in our home most weekends wrote us a letter before we left the country for furlough. He shared that He hadn’t given much thought to the existence of God before getting to know our household, but when He saw the way we loved each other (and it was certainly a messy love!), he began reconsidering his belief in God.

Grace-Filled Homeschooling

Only God’s love is perfect. But through Christ, our love can be grace-filled and point others to God. Homeschooling is messy, but so is love. When you accept that you and your children will regularly confront each other’s brokenness, you can see those confrontations as opportunities to give and receive God’s grace-filled love. Lean into the mess as you lean on the Lord, and watch what He will do.

“Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.” Hebrews 4:16

Prayerful Reflection

  • Lord, am I brushing the mess of homeschooling under the rug?
  • Abba, where am I lacking your grace toward my children?
  • Lord, where am I ignoring your grace toward me?

Heavenly Father, by faith I receive your grace today. Thank you for lavishing your merciful love on me. Help me to live out of that reality. Help me to give grace to and receive grace from my children. Let my grace-filled brokenness direct my children’s gaze to You.


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