Hospitality Table: The Unseen Guest at Every Meal

Editor’s Note: Today’s blog post, “Hospitality Table: The Unseen Guest at Every Meal,” is written by Vic and Christine, who serve with Medical Ambassadors International at the California headquarters office. Vic is a medical doctor who coordinates MAI’s international ministry in holistic community development. Christine is a former Fulbright Scholar and health educator who served in Africa and then later in Asia with her husband. They homeschool their two girls, Selah and Rinnah.

Brunch at the Hospitality Table

If this table could talk… It might seem strange to ask for prayer for our dining room table. It’s a long, heavy, big black table that my husband’s brother gave us when we returned from Asia and moved to California’s Central Valley. Sometimes, the table gets covered in mail and butterfly crafts and piano lesson books, and it’s seen its share of spills and scratches. But, in our family priorities, its main role is to be the gathering place for our guests.

If the table could talk, it might tell you about friends from Africa trying to use chopsticks for the first time … or neighbors hanging out drinking spiced cider at Christmas … or lots of international development workers sharing about all the things they get to do all over the world, in places like Albania and Pakistan and Europe and Central America, and even the USA. It would tell you about special visits from family, when we enjoyed meals and conversations face-to-face. And, it could tell you about refugees sharing their stories of heartbreak and their stories of hope.

This past month, we heard a Muslim man at our table talk about his journey of faith and his search for God, and it was striking how connected our stories can be, when Victor, my husband, began sharing about God’s love with this man through a story about Victor’s own parents’ journey of faith when they were new immigrants to the USA. Would you pray for this man? And would you please pray that God would continue to fill our table with people —and that He would be that “unseen Guest” at every meal?

Prayer Project

Please take 10-15 minutes to prayerfully reflect:

  1. Lord, how do I use my home and my dining room table for hospitality?
  2. Lord, how can hospitality become the venue for sharing the gospel message?
  3. Abba, how am I demonstrating love of God and neighbor through how I invite and receive others into my home?
  4. Lord, what have I taught my children about Christian hospitality in the context of homeschooling and daily life?
  5. Abba, have I taught my children that you are the “unseen Guest” at every meal?

Lord Jesus, I want nothing more than to do your bidding. Help me to prayerfully invite others to sit at our table and break bread together. Help me to model for my children the meaning of Christian hospitality and invite them into the development of their own gifts in the area of hospitality. Lord, help my children become aware of the “unseen Guest” at every meal. Expand my heart to give more, hear more, see more, pray more, and love more. In the precious name of Jesus, Amen.

Christine and Vic, Medical Ambassadors International