Modeling Christ at Home

Woman writing at home

Our children pick up on whether or not we are modeling Christ at home. For instance, I am not a professional writer, but I love to write. However, I have not always enjoyed writing. In high school, I used to loathe writing assignments, and saw them as time spent not doing other things that were more interesting…talking on the phone with my friends (remember stretching the phone cord as far as it would go so you could have some privacy?). I tried to complete these assignments as covertly as I could, because if my mother discovered an opportunity to write, she took it; whether it was a thank-you note, a letter to my grandmother, but especially if it was a homework assignment.

As soon as she sat next to me, it became her mission to make sure the essay was written as creatively and professionally as she saw fit. As a self-absorbed teenager (is there any other kind?), it annoyed me when my mother directed every sentence structure to her liking. However, what happened is that my writing began to mimic my mother’s, and she was a great writer! Today as I strive to write better, I can still hear her urging me to rethink that sentence structure, find a better word for that, or set that thought aside and come back to it.

Modeling Christ at Home

As a parent, homeschooling or not, it is our duty to be role models for our children in all aspects of their lives. They need to see us handling stress with the peace that surpasses all understanding. They need to see us reading our Bibles and praying over them. Our children need to see the love of Christ when they are reprimanded for a misbehavior. They need to see their mother and father holding hands, kissing each other, setting goals together and laughing together. Believe it or not, they also need to see their parents disagree, and work out issues as a Christ-centered couple should.

Prayerfully, reflect on the following questions:

  1. As I lead my children through life, am I modeling a Christ-filled life at all times, in all situations?
  2. What changes can I make today to reflect the kind of role model Christ wants me to be?
  3. Do I model handling stress in a Godly manner?  What can I specifically change, so that I am?

Lord, show me how to model your love, patience, kindness, respect, and diligence to my family. May I face stress with your peace, turning to you for inner resolve to handle issues. May I treat my family with love and respect at all times, even in times of frustration or hurt. Remind me to read your Word daily and to reflect upon your love, grace and peace for my family. Amen.

Robin Slagle, Academic Coordinator, Biola Youth Academics