A Christian Faith that Endures — Fostering Spiritual Health in Your Homeschooled Children

Girl reading her Bible - Spiritual Health blogMost Christian parents who homeschool hope their children will flourish into adulthood with their faith intact. In an increasingly post-Christian society, it bears reflecting on what practices help youth grow into Christian adults with with strong spiritual health.

Have you ever considered what are the habits I can help my kids practice today that will keep them close to the Lord in the future?

Recently, Lifeway Kids partnered with Lifeway Research to release a study of spiritual health among young adults from Christian households. Of the 2,000 protestant, non-denominational Christian parents of adults (ages 18–30) that Lifeway interviewed, 85 percent said their young adults identify as Christians. However, when that identification was held against a measure for spiritual health, very few of those adult children showed sustaining signs of spiritual health.

Read the Bible

By far, the indicator that best predicted the spiritual health of a Christian young adult was whether or not they regularly read the Bible growing up. As a home educator, you hold the opportunity to incorporate Scripture into the rhythms of your school curriculum.

A Family that Prays Together…

Next, the researches focused on prayer. Homeschoolers understand the value of family time. But, do you ensure to consciously invite God’s presence into your family time? Pray during meals, before bed, in the morning at the start of the school day, and whenever the going gets tough.

At BYA, we want to strengthen your family’s homeschool years — academically, and spiritually. Consider using our Inspired Home Educator devotional blog posts as a prayer project with your students.

Serve the Church

Also, researched highlighted the importance of service. Families that serve together stick together. And children that serve the church, grow up to stick with the church, too. Do your kids know your family mission? Whether it’s through holiday traditions, or summer missions, help your students build the muscle memory of not just going to church, but being a part of what makes church great.

In Conclusion: Spiritual Health in the Home

For those of us who want to see our children walk the straight-and-narrow way of Jesus throughout their life, we need to consider what habits, practices, and behaviors we’re cultivating now. The researchers emphasized that when children not only practiced these spiritual practices, but saw Christ modeled at home, they were much more likely to retain their spiritual life and health well into adulthood.

Read the whole article to discover more.



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