The Case for Homework: Capturing the Heart of My Child

Editor’s note: This week’s post, “The Case for Homework: Capturing the Heart of My Child” is written by our BYA Temecula Valley Campus Coordinator, Barb Tupaj. We’re grateful for Barb’s keen insight, gathered and gleaned from over a decade of homeschooling and years as a BYA parent and campus coordinator.

Mother and teen daughter spending time doing homeschool curriculum homework together

The 2017-18 academic year marks my tenth year as a Biola Youth Academics parent. This is also the year my youngest of five children began schooling with Star Academics. This milestone has proven to be exciting and challenging for my daughter and for me.

Biola Youth Academics is known to be an academically rigorous program for homeschool students—which I love. It is also known to have equally high expectations of parents, which I admit does not always stir up loving emotions. In particular, the requirement that parents grade their student’s homework can sometimes frustrate me as I struggle to complete my daily tasks as a wife and working homeschool mom. I can be inclined to put off the grading or view it as a burden.

I may even think, It would be so much easier for the instructors to do the grading.

My Attitude or the Heart of My Child

Recently, I was wrestling with these emotions when God taught me a much needed lesson. It came as I assisted my daughter in correcting her history homework. Neither her attitude nor mine were particularly honoring to God and yet we pushed on out of a sense of obligation.

My daughter, 13 years old, sat next to me on the couch. I read the history text out loud so she could listen for the information needed to answer the homework question correctly…then it happened. While I read, she gently rested her head on my shoulder and sat listening with a tender heart. Tears began to roll down my cheeks as I realized the reason behind grading my child’s homework. This one-on-one interaction provided a moment of connection with her. What started out as an obligation turned into an opportunity to capture the heart of my child.

Finding time to grade homework will remain a challenge but I now view the task as an opportunity to win the heart of my child.

Prayerful Reflection

  • Abba, am I approaching my work with a posture that glorifies you?
  • Lord, where do I need an attitude adjustment before I can ask the same of my children?
  • Lord Jesus, when I feel my responsibilities are too much to bear, am I turning to you with my anxieties and burdens?

Heavenly Father, I can’t do this work alone. Empower me, by your Spirit, for that which you’ve called me to do. Help me recognize that it’s your kindness that changes my heart and my attitude. Thank you for showing me your kindness through my children. Help me to model to them your kindness and grace, too. In Christ’s name, amen.

Barb Tupaj