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Established in 1996 as School and Church Relations to reach families from all paths of education, with intentional emphasis on outreach to homeschool families at its inception, the department presented its first theatre production, The Gospel According to Scrooge, featuring a cast of 120 homeschool students. In 1997 the pilot program that became Star Academics was launched with approximately 55 students and 20 classes offered. In 1998 the first-ever contemporary Biola student band, full-time Job, was replaced with the first-ever Biola student praise and worship ministry outreach band, Timber, at which time the House of Worship ministry also began.

Renamed Community Programs and Services in 1998 to coincide with offices moving into the community at Biola’s Professional Building and since 2005 known as Biola Youth, the department’s mission is to establish and strengthen connections to Biola University for Kingdom Impact by cultivating and developing relationships with creativity and a commitment to excellence in academics, the arts and ministry outreach.

Since 1996, Biola Youth has been introducing young families to Biola University and extending to them its mission: “biblically centered education, scholarship, and service—equipping men and women in mind and character to impact the world for the Lord Jesus Christ.” With innovative academic, artistic, athletic and ministry programs families and churches benefit from the strengths, heritage, integrity, and values (Truth, Transformation and Testimony) of Biola University from early on.

We like to say, “Your Biola journey begins here” and are pleased to note that 10% of the 2008 Biola University incoming class participated in our programs. Furthermore, a recent study shows that Biola Youth alumni not only live up to Biola University high academic standards, but also consistently exceed them.