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Alyssa Morales - Biola Student

Alyssa Morales (Junior, Communication Studies) is no stranger to exploring new paths. One of 12 children and the first to attend college, she has not let hardships or difficulty keep her from pursuing God's path for her life.

Having grown up and volunteered consistently in church, Alyssa discovered the truth of pursuing God as a sophomore in high school. It was then that she learned that life was more than going to church and volunteering. It was about depending on the love of God, even when life is hard.

While attending Ignite, an annual event co-sponsored by Biola Youth Ministry Outreach, Alyssa experienced God's love in an overwhelming way and understood that God's path for her would go through Biola.

Though she had never considered Biola before Ignite, Alyssa finds herself in her third year at Biola University. She has since grown in her faith and relationships and has seen God provide for her as she experiences Him on a constant basis.

Alyssa is currently a Biola Ambassador who gives tours of Biola's campus to prospective students. She is also a member of Biola Ethnic Advancement Team (BEAT) and serves as a mentor, sharing her story and experiences to the benefit of others.

Though the future is undecided, Alyssa plans to pursue speaking, writing and communications.