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Main Session Speaker

Jose Rodriguez

Growing up in the inner city, Jose Rodriguez was faced with many of the same challenges that students are faced with today. Impacted by his environment he made some poor choices. He joined a gang, got arrested for stealing cars, and even was suspended from school pretty regularly. His story is one that many can relate to today but it is a story of a complete turnaround.

Jose now is the founder and CEO of Rescue a Generation Inc., a non-profit that focuses on reaching students who are struggling in school due to behavior, suspensions, and family issues. He is a well sought out motivational speaker who speaks to students in a variety of venues across the nation. His passion for young people, authenticity, and boldness gives him the tools to effectively rescue this generation.

Main Session Speaker

Luma Haddad

Luma Haddad has been the Young Life Urban Area Director for San Diego South Bay for 15 years. Luma directly works with Latino, Black, and Filipino teenagers in Junior High and High Schools. Half of her leaders are indigenous. Luma was born in San Francisco, lived in Amman, Jordan, and graduated from PLNU in San Diego in Broadcast Journalism. She resides in San Diego with her husband, Rami, and her children, Jordan and Yasmeen.

Visual Artist

Ritchie Kong

Ritchie Kong is a graphic designer and illustrator living in Long Beach, CA. His artistic strength involves using spray paint as a primary medium, on walls and canvas. He feels that the art he creates on the permission walls helps him connect with inner city youth. Through his involvement with Urban Arts Outreach, he is able to interpret the abstraction of his work to educate and mentor under-privileged youth.

Visual Artist

Brandon Beukelman

Brandon is a true artisan & pastor at West Cypress Church. He has worked in youth ministry for 8 years and now is working to integrate families together in ministry and discipleship. His passion for art & the gospel intersect in his art installations. He has been married for 14 years and has a son and daughter.


DJ Icy Ice

DJ Icy Ice has carved out a name for himself as a renowned turntablist, entrepreneur, and elite party rocker. He is featured as a DJ on LA’s top-rated radio station, “Power 106”, as well as a TV personality for the StacksTV Show. For the past several years, Icy Ice has been expanding the exposure of “Video Turntablism,” through a variety of high profile online platforms such as BReal.TV, MYXTV &


Josh Chavez Band

Joshua Chavez Band leads worship at conferences, churches, and camps throughout Southern California and the USA including UYWI, RELOAD, Turn Your Campus, Promise Keepers, and Franklin Graham's Festivals of Hope. Described as dynamic, eclectic, passionate, and energetic, they engage their audience with a unique style to lift up a vertical praise to the heavens.



We are V3, which means "Victory through Vision and Voice." Using dance as a form of worship to give glory to Christ our Lord.

"A time to weep, a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance."

- Ecclesiastes 3:4

Established in April, 2011