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  • Steadfast, Outrageous Manhood in a Very Noisy World (Guys Only)

    Ron Archer

  • Why Was Jesus Friends with Pimps & Hos?

    Irene Cho

  • Jesus Changes EVERYTHING!

    Jason Chao

  • Speak God, I’m Listening

    Bob Clarke

  • Fearless Friends: How to Help Even When You Don't Know What to do

    Steve Cohen

  • The Bible through the noise: How we learn to experience the truth of scripture in our noisy lives

    Mark Fields

  • Social Media, not so social

    Lloyd Gilbert

  • Conversations in the Chaos — 911 Prayers

    Ilcian Lemus

  • The Story in the Noise

    Miguel Martinez

  • Sharing Your Faith in Sports

    Kiano Misa

  • How to deal with how you feel

    Vanessa Serrano

  • Will God Speak to Me? How do I Know His Voice?

    Monty Sharp

  • HELP! How Can I Know that God Really Exists?

    Michael Towson

  • Quicksand: Helping my Friend Escape the Porn Trap

    Marty villa

  • From the Eye of the Noise

    Michael Johnson

  • Jesus and Iron Man: How God’s Truth is found in Stories

    Amy Lucas

  • Wonderfully Made: Becoming Who You Are In Christ (Girls Only!)

    Wonderfully Made Team

  • Love and Texting

    Mark Jackson

  • Creation Vs. Evolution; Nothing Hurts Skeptics More Than The Truth

    Bill Morgan

  • When God leaves you on Read — Waiting on a Response

    Sean Fenner

  • Inside my DNA "Your purpose is greater than your past"

    Ely Fournier

  • And More!

Educator Seminars

  • Living out your faith legally & boldly in public schools

    Jennifer Karpinsky

  • Is truly Biblical classroom management possible?

    Dr. Luciano Cid & Victoria Smith

  • Uncensored: Christian superintendents and school board members share their stories and answer your questions!

    Distinguished Panel

  • Educators Luncheon

Youth Worker Seminars

    More details coming soon.