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Student Seminars

  • Becoming Who You Are In Christ (Girls Only) — Wonderfully Made Team

  • Fearless Friends: How to Help Even When You Don't Know What to Do — Steve Cohen

  • Finding a New Place to Sit at Lunch — Mike DeVito

  • Gospel Tools: What is the Gospel and How can I Share it? — Josh McKay and Student Team

  • Help! How Can I Know that God Really Exists? — Michael Towson

  • Help! My Story is Off Beat. — Mitch Janzen

  • How I Forgave my Father — Alex James

  • How to Deal with How You Feel — Vanessa Cruz

  • It Ain't My Fault — Adrian Greer

  • Moving through Manhood: What You Need to Know (Guys Only) — Ron Archer

  • Practice, you're talking about practice! — Traco Rachal

  • Qucksand! How To Help My Friend Escape the Porn Trap. — Marty Villa

  • Religions: They Can't All be True — Ryan Pauly

  • Social Media is not so Social — Lloyd Gilbert

  • Soundtrack of the Father: Faithfulness and Endurance — Johnny Tsai

  • Speak God, I'm Listening — Bob Clarke

  • Students Reaching Students: Sharing in Your Sphere of Influence — Jeff Timblin and Student Team

  • The Greatest Song About Jesus Ever Written — Miguel Martinez

  • The Rhythm of Prayer — Ilcian Lemus

  • The Secret to Life (Seriously) — Jason Chao

  • The Sound of a Dead Man Walking — Michael Johnson

  • The Symphony of Scripture — Mark Fileds

  • War Cry — Monty Sharp

  • Why was Jesus Friends with Pimps and Hos? — Irene Cho

  • 2 Steppin' — Dancing to the Beat and Rhythm of Your Campus — Eric Vasquez

  • Creation Vs. Evolution: How To Defend And Share Your Faith — Bill Morgan

  • The Envy Effect of Instagram: "Distracted by Comparisons" — Ely Fournier

  • The Struggle is Real — Scott Schlatter

  • What Your Friends Are Dying to Know — Dorie Richards

Youth Worker Seminars

  • Go and Make Disciples — Larry Acosta

  • Mythbusters of Campus Ministry — Jose Rodriguez

  • Understanding Mental Health and Youth Today — Emelen Cedillo

  • Who's Got Next Now? Women in Leadership — Chantel Runnels

  • Youth Worker Oasis — Luma Haddad & Tommy Nixon

Educator Seminars

  • Engaging Faith and Family to Motivate Your Students — Eric Buehrer

  • Standing up to Goliath — Rebecca Friedrichs

  • David Schmus (Host) — Standing up for Jesus in the Public Schools: Lunch Discussion w Q&A

  • David Schmus — Spiritual Warfare in the Classroom